Price Action AI-Powered

It is truly an invaluable indicator for experienced traders. It determines the necessary trading levels for you and creates buy and sell zones. By determining the previous highs and lows of the price, it automatically determines the support resistance levels for you. You can just sit back and trade price action.

How does it work?

* It measures the trading pressure with various moving averages and offers you the most suitable areas.

* Determines the previous levels of the price using the zigzag method and draws support resistance.

* It calculates the next level of the price as a percentage by calculating the pivot breaks.

How to use?

* It measures the buying and selling pressure and paints the background accordingly. Thanks to this, you know which trade to open.

* You can understand that the price will determine the previous high lows and create support resistances and get a reaction from there.

* You can see the next levels of the price as a percentage and you can enter the trade accordingly.

* You can use stop loss using ATR levels.

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