Smart Buy-Sell AI-Powered

With the support of artificial intelligence, the major trend is first identified, as experienced traders do, and trades with low stops are created for you within this trend. You don't need to do anything, this system automatically provides very important information such as Take Proift Stop loss for you with the support of artificial intelligence. There is no repainy. The transaction can be entered as soon as the signal is received. Works in all markets Forex Crypto Stock.

How does it work?

* With the help of artificial intelligence, the major trend is first identified. This way, you will not open trades against the trend and you can trade safely..

* Generates reversal trading signal: BULL MARKET/BEAR MARKET or Smart Buy/Smart Sellbased on all combined factors.

*When you enter a trade, always consider the stop loss levels and place them in your trade. When you see a take profit signal, reduce or close your trade completely and take your profit.

How to use?

*You can wait for the buy signal to Bull Market/Smart Buy.

*You can wait for the sell signal to Bear Market/Smart Sell.

*You can trade for consecutive signals.

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