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What is the Scalp Robot [FibAlgo] Indicator?

The Scalp Robot [FibAlgo] is a technical indicator used to identify potential buying and selling opportunities by analyzing price movements. Below, you will find a simple explanation of the basic principles of this indicator:

Look Back Period: This setting examines past price movements over a specific period. A longer period provides a broader perspective.

Sensitivity: This setting is crucial in determining buy and sell levels. A higher value creates a wider range.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Levels: These levels specify the targeted profit and maximum loss amounts when a trade is opened.

Buy and Sell Signals:  The indicator uses various analyses to identify buying and selling opportunities. A buy signal may indicate a potential rise, while a sell signal may indicate a potential fall.

On-Chart Representation: Buy and sell levels are displayed on the chart with lines and labels.

Alerts: Alerts can be set up to ensure you don't miss important signals.

How to Use: First, you should determine the R/R, i.e. risk and ratio, according to the way of trading. These levels will automatically create TP and SL levels for you on the chart. The more you increase the sensitivity, the more signals you will see.

The Scalp Robot indicator combines these elements of technical analysis to offer a comprehensive tool for making trading decisions. However, always remember to prioritize risk management and conduct thorough analysis before executing trades.

If you have any questions or need assistance, we are here for you. Wishing you successful and profitable trades!

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