It is a signal system that generates the most suitable reversal signal for you. It works much better in high time frames and thanks to the various volatility indicators included, you can make any adjustments you want according to the parity. It can work in the Crypto and Forex market. It generates reversal signals for the important turning point bars and candles with no repaint and no lagging.

How does it work?

* It measures the volatility of the market before signal generation and focuses on not signaling horizontally.

* With the Money Flow Index, it gives the most appropriate peak-dip signal, which will not leave you in a shambles. It does this with various moving averages.

* Generates reversal trading signal: buy/long or sell/short based on all combined factors.

How to use?

*You can wait for the buy signal to Buy/Long.

*You can wait for the sell signal to Sell/Short.

*You can trade for consecutive signals.

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