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The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) Kill Zones are specific time periods within the 24-hour trading day when the likelihood of highly profitable trade setups is considered to be higher. These kill zones are based on the opening and closing times of major financial centers and are widely followed by some traders who use them as a part of their trading strategy.

The ICT Kill Zones typically include the following times:

1. London Open:This is the time when the London financial markets open, which is around 8:00 AM local time (GMT/UTC). It is considered a significant time because the London market is one of the largest and most active forex trading sessions.

2. New York Open: This corresponds to the opening of the New York financial markets, which occurs at approximately 9:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). The New York session is another crucial time in the forex market due to the high trading volume and volatility.

3. London Close: This is the time when the London financial markets close, which is around 5:00 PM local time (GMT/UTC). The London Close can also be a time of increased market activity and potential trading opportunities.

4. New York Close: The New York financial markets close around 5:00 PM Eastern Time (ET). The period leading up to the New York Close can also be relevant for traders.


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